On Creativity

It’s a funny thing, creativity.

Maybe you’re lucky and have it blooming from your fingertips, and you get to pick the cream of the crop.

Maybe you’re frustrated, and it’s trapped and building up like water in a hosepipe with a knot in it.

Mine is elusive. I never thought it could be governed by rules. But lately, I’ve come to understand two things about it. First of all, it’s so very true what they say – that creativity is like a muscle. It does need to be exercised, and the more it is exercised, the stronger and more flexible it becomes. The other thing: I know that my mind and my body need to be in their best form for creativity to sprout.  Since in moments of darkness my creativity cannot bloom, I must do all I can to prevent those moments of darkness from closing in.

These are lessons to myself.


Embracing Change

I read in an article the other day that studies show we still take in less information when we read from e-readers compared to paper books.

Now, I’m not exactly someone who speeds ahead, leading the charge for the new. You certainly won’t find me queuing up outside an electronics store to be one of the first to get their hands on the latest trending gadget. But neither am I someone who clings doggedly to the past, in fear, or out of nostalgia. I recognise the need to embrace change.

I love books. I love holding them, turning their pages. And I love the way magazines smell. But what did I do after reading that article? Went and downloaded three new e-books, of course. I’ll just make sure I concentrate extra hard on taking in what they have to tell me.