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Left to scavenge and rove like the carrion crow

For what future? What life? What gains?

Brushed aside like dead flies to distrust our own side

And to ponder these awful remains.


I wake up today to a world gone insane

And yet,

I remain…



Obsidian night, watchful you are –

My alert smile curved, only deserving

Your silent eye; bittersweeting, it

waits for my short circuit:

Here I fall, without relent.

You shroud me, disappear my resolve,

Shard my heart –

But only enough…

…I dream of mossed rest,

Leaves left to frond their own design

around mine.


Your flight coils me; unopened

and foetal, I rattle through the roulette of dawn

as he comes

to warp me away from you.



Hooks in your back I hoist you up
You dangle from the ceiling
– Could, for all I care,
By one toe
Or your neck.

A bottled virus I open,
Blow seeds in your face.
You choke
– Could, for all I care,
On blood
Or your own vomit.

Blades of a butterfly flutter open,
Shining in the swinging light.
I share my tattoo,
Copy it to you
– Channels of blood run deep, bright.



I was in the news today
– did you miss it?
Well, I made the Horror Headlines.
They found my body,
in the river,
in pieces.
My arms
my legs
my hands
my feet
my fingers
my toes
…had all come apart.
I had no teeth
nor eyes in my head,
they said.
I had the letter ten
burnt into my back.
They couldn’t figure that one out
and are currently investigating the matter further.
My coal-silk hair
in a plastic bag
brushed and shiny.
My fingernails, little almond slices,
in a harmonica case.
It’s the only time
I’ve ever been on TV.
I wish you’d seen me in the news.

‘Disjointed’ was published in Issue #4 of Riot Angel magazine, July 2005