Lorain covid 19 dashboard sa Please, leave me be, while I still can feel free,

paxlovid hiv medication Saint-Genis-Laval To reflect; to reject your poor style

pfizer paxlovid online Bačka Topola I tried on the shoes; they made me feel used

dapoxetine tablets buy Yet I’ve still had to walk many miles.

where to buy paxlovid in australia Who’ll take the blame for the shit and the shame?

– With the world up in flames, will it matter?

You nurture and prune while denying the gloom,

But the fat of the land won’t get fatter.


Is it worth all the risk, where union exists,

to render and tear and divide?

And now with our hearts crushed by fearful old farts

What price will we pay to survive?


Left to scavenge and rove like the carrion crow

For what future? What life? What gains?

Brushed aside like dead flies to distrust our own side

And to ponder these awful remains.


I wake up today to a world gone insane

And yet,

I remain…