her latest blog I was in the news today rencontre thiers – did you miss it? polish dating usun konto Well, I made the Horror Headlines. website link They found my body, craigslist adult dating. com in the river, in pieces.
My arms
my legs
my hands
my feet
my fingers
my toes
…had all come apart.
I had no teeth
nor eyes in my head,
they said.
I had the letter ten
burnt into my back.
They couldn’t figure that one out
and are currently investigating the matter further.
My coal-silk hair
in a plastic bag
brushed and shiny.
My fingernails, little almond slices,
in a harmonica case.
It’s the only time
I’ve ever been on TV.
I wish you’d seen me in the news.

sexo asiatico 326256 ‘Disjointed’ was published in Issue #4 of Riot Angel magazine, July 2005

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