About Me

have a peek at this site proofreader. copy editor. writer. photographer. chef. crafter.

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A walking contradiction: lonely loner, conventional rebel.




best online hookup What do I love? Reading, cartwheeling, the outdoors, complete sets of things, cherries, rock n roll dancing, distilling moments into one single, expressive photo, my dog, kitchens, lucid dreaming.


buy strattera What do I like? Waterfalls, chickens and goats, eyeliner, the heat of the sun on my skin, obsessing strongly about one thing at a time, trees, trains, Paris.


http://huntersneeds.net/rigaro/4202 What do I do? Hiking, biking, cooking, writing, crafting, observing, daydreaming.


blog here What do I want to do? Hear more music, have green fingers, travel farther and wider, be a better person to more people more often, forget what it feels like to worry about stuff at 3am.


click to find out more What do I dislike? Narrow-mindedness, politicians, exclusion, arrogance, bad driving, karaoke.

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